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Handsmother - Part 2


Exciting lezdom hand over mouth smothering between horny nasty girls

Two lezdom mistresses fight smother each other for dominance

Both these females are dominant in nature and no one would surrender to other without fighting. You can enjoy the amazing cat-fight scene where two naked dominas try to overcome and turn opponent into sexual submission. All means are ok in such a rivalry and you can see how cruel can lezdom babe be. in the beginning western lady manages to be on top, she hols Asian beauty with gorgeous legs and strong arms forcing her into fete worship, but very soon oriental mistress manages to overcome resistance and sits with her face of poor white girl. She painfully pulls her long hair and hansmothers her new sub with panties, sticking it right in her lustful mouth. Poor girl can’t resist anymore and have to lick pussy clean till Asian domina orgasms several time. Fully humiliated and disciplined former mistress now in full possession of her new bdsm owner

Mistress handsmothers tied up hepless girl

How does this poor girl feel when she is tied up in ropes and absolutely helpless right now? She knows that her dominant girlfriend enjoys a lot torturing and humiliating females in bondage and can do any cruel thing to her. She is absolutely right, domina likes all kind of breath control games and she chokes and hand smothers weak roped sub, making her almost lose conscious, while her hand is put over her sexy mouth. After such a brutal treatment, mistress decided to play with that smooth shaved pussy a little and attached vibrating butterfly right to her clit. As dominant females watches preorgasmic convulsion of her girlfriend she gets all excited herself and sits on the face of her female sub ruining her orgasm and making her smother again.  That is really amazing handsmother and lezdom discipline scene!

Mistress smothers her slave with nylon and fucks with dildo

This stunning beautiful domina enjoys breath play most of all and she never misses that kind of fun with her slaves and now you can enjoy great scene where she tortures obedient lezbo slave with pantyhose smothering.  Girl who is tied up with ropes is absolutely unable to resist and she is too scared even to beg mistress for mercy. Sadistic woman takes off her pantyhose, wrap it around the head of her victim and closes mouth mouth and nose of poor fem sub.  Submissive check actually can’t breath at all since this handsmother is way to strong for her, however mistress knows limits of her sexslave and allows her to grab a bit of air in the last second. During all this torment, powerful vibe is inserted in the shaved cunt of lezdom sub so she feels both fear and excitement while domina plays with her.

Asian slut is restrained on her bed for handsmothering

Almost everybody knows that Asian girls are much more patient and can endure more tortures and punish,ments then white female slave. That’s why some lezdom slavegirl owners prefer them for their sexual and sadistic purposes.  Here you can see how aroused dominatrix in shiny latex pants ties up to the bed,  put in tight restraining bondage and face sits on busty Thai slut who is her full time and absolutely devoted slave who is ready nearly for everything for sake of her mistress. It is really exciting to see helpless beauty under round and firm of her mistress which is wrapped in latex and definitely doesn’t let her breath freely. Besides her ass domina uses hand to restrict her breath and see how she can cope with that and to her big surprise, Asian sub manages to endure that. However she prepared something special for her exotic lezdom lover – pump can which is inserted in her slutty mouth and pumped with air till it almost tears it apart! Submissive lesbi looks so great when she is scared and feel humiliation and pains of clothespins attached around her breasts!

Lezdom office punishment with breath control and pantyhose bondage

This scene clearly shows what can happen in the office if hot female boss who is in charge for everything absolutely discontent with her busty employee, especially if she is submissive lesbian and chief is lezdom mistress. Dominant goddess calls female worker in her office and gives her only to options either to be fired or submit to her will fully and do everything that she could ask, including some quite unusual requests. As you can see horny chief doesn’ waste time and throws attractive girl on her office desk, undresses her and mount on her face with her dripping wet pussy on laced panties. She enjoys so much being on top and control such a beautiful girl. Also she can’t help herself and ties up these enormous natural tits in breast bondage and now she handsmothers her new slave in black nylon pantyhose! Hand over her mouth and nose prevents her from breathing normally so she begs mistress to release her through unclear moans.

Perfect submissive girl is smothered with pantyhose on her face

If you take a peek at this sexy and so innocent looking female sex slave who looks so devoted to her strict lezbi mistress that you can think that she may be an ideal female sub and you could be right. She is so patient and never tries to resist will of her mistress even while she treat her in really cruel way. Her home is metal cage where domina keeps her while she doesn’t need her sex or house services. Submissive cutie is allowed to move around the house only on her knees and never looks straight in the eyes of her mistress without permission. Now she worship her domina’s feet, she licks them carefully and don’t miss any single spot, but what a reward can she get for her devotion? You wouldn’t believe but mistress doesn’t appreciate her efforts and starts to handsmother poor girls till she becomes so scared! After breath play lesbian mistress ties up breast and collared neck of her sexslave. Her ankle binds also tied with ropes and poor girl with used pantyhose on her face is restrained on metal construction so mistress can try even more kinky punishment on her naked flesh. for example she wants to have more fun with breath control and smother poor babe in gas mask.

Oustanding scene of lesbian dominance and hand over mouth smother

Rare scene of ultimate bdsm breath control between two kinky babes with amazing appearance. Busty blonde mistress confidently commands her ovediet females slave which immidiately execute all her orders and really try to do her best to satosfy her dominant girlfriend. Both beautiful bdsm women wear great and extremely sexy lingerie which suits just perfect to their gorgeous body. You can see in details how this bitchy blonde domina sits on the face of poor female slave and smothers her, forcing to sniff her asshole and lick it through the fabrics og her panties. Next she wraps her female sub in ropes with her arms behind her back and with legs spread nicely so you can see that fresh pink pussy exposed for mistress who is going to have some fun with her lesbian lover.  Submissive girl is absolutely helpless in her breasts and body bondage so she only can accept dildo fucking from her dominatrix. However now mistress wants to play some more dangerous game and without any warning puts hand over mouth of her lezdom slave and restricts her breath. Scared slavegirl can’t do anything, she barely can breath during that cruel handsmothering!